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A Belated Foxcat Report   
12:58pm 12/02/2012
mood: excited
Wow.. It's been a while since I updated this! I could have, Given that I had been to another convention, Furfright, and all the adventures that entails. I've already made plans to re-attend both Anthrocon and Furfright this year (and have secured hotel reservations for both.. both of which were sold out at the respective hotels very quickly). Most of the people I saw and hung around at AC were there, so I would probably say that went a long way towards making that con seem awesome.

I just got through another horrible shutdown. Well, it wasn't -too- bad, but my nerves were a bit frayed towards the end dealing with some other folks every day. It was an emergency outage on a sulphur recovery plant that I halfway volunteered for to get more experience with the ins and outs of the process. Never again shall I volunteer my name because a supposed two week outage turned into a six week one. To make matters worse, I have an eight week turnaround coming up in april so I have to do the same thing, only for longer. Oh well, it'll depend entirely on where I get posted and who I'm with. By the time it's over, I'll be into June and looking forward to my first con vacation.

But the most exciting news so far is that I'm finally going through with buying a house! Enough throwing away money on rent for sure, it's time to get a place to actually call my own and invest in it to own/profit from(hopefully). The house would likely seem insanely pricey to some, 600k.. but it is an average home for up here due to the demand for homes and cost of living. Many go for $750k and up and the market trends indicate my house may be worth that in a few years.. After managing to save up nearly 90k in various assets, I feel secure in the ability to make the hefty down payment ($30k! 5%) and still have cushion for if the shit hits the fan. The nice part is, it has a downstairs apartment which I can rent out for half my monthly mortgage payment or more. To be honest, that payment is only going to be 500 more than my rent costs, and the interest rates were at 2.99% when I got pre-approved, an all-time low. The stars are aligned and I'm actually sticking my neck out to make a big purchase.

After I move in, I will have to post some pictures. It is a pretty nice place and I think it'll suit my needs perfectly.
Foxcat Anthrocon Report.   
10:35pm 27/06/2011
mood: thankful
This is crossposted from my FA account as well where the people it concerns are more likely to see it. I wanted to add it here for posterity.

What can I say? It was amazing, even better than 2010. The con quickly gained momentum as time went on and eventually it became a blur to see and do as much as possible in each day. Some things that I would had liked to do had to be sacrificed but overall I got to make the most out of it and meet up with pretty much everyone I was hoping to see, even if some of them were fairly brief.

To those of you who took photos of my suit and/or demanded hugs(and I gave a LOT of both of those), or otherwise were cool to me in or out of suit, thanks! Also feel free to share any photos of me you have. I spent 12-16 hours of the con in my fursuit and had to rely on others taking photos of things for me for the most part. XD
Also, surprisingly, I did VERY little drinking alcohol-wise this con. Had some at the doubletree party, and a drink or two again at Buca-somethingorother. I meant to pick some up and found that I just didn't have the time! I think that says something about the quality of the time I was spending if I didn't even have time to try and drink. XD THINGS MOVED SO FAST OMG. I DID however drink tons and tons of water, maybe even equal to a bathtub full, and sweat it all about again in my nuclear winter-surviving fuzzy coat. XD

I'd like to give some shoutouts to the people I spent a lot of time with and helped me make the most of my con!

Jinsei, Nightstar, KwiK, Goth, Geek, and Vulpy, you are a bunch of very cool cats(half of you, literally), and if the former two are attending again next year, I hope that you'll tolerate my company some more, maybe even they somehow aren't. :D More hand sanitizing and goat bleating ftw. I got to suit up with all of you at some point in time, except for Jinsei who doesn't have one but is most certainly a very high level BEASTMASTER by now with his handling skillz. Plus getting to hang around the furry dancers behind the scenes and see their moves was fun. For anyone who thinks they can't dance because of their size, I'd suggest looking up who Oreo is(no, not Jaitsu :P) Dude is huge and can bust some moves. Always fun to watch KwiK perform and I've developed the notion that you don't really have a full appreciation for dancing until you see someone do it wearing a fursuit. PS: Look up this years Dance competion if you can. WELL worth the time.
Jin and Night, I'm glad I could help make your con experience go from sour to sweet, and I'd help again in a heartbeat. :3

Niky, Punk, Solez, Talcen, Heretic, Oh jeeze who am I forgetting? There's a frickin bunch of you that was off and on (I think Jizzal and a few others were in another room), I met a lot of you last con for the first time and you are a very tight knit group as well it seems. Thanks for inviting me along for dinners and stuff even if I only responded to like half the messages. XD even so, you're a crazy bunch as well. The whole "I'M FROM BAWSTON. YOU INSULTIN' MY FAMILY!?" thing really made me laugh. And no, Niky, It wasn't sushi but it was still good! Don't worry!

Ante/Amplitude. You are a suiting BEAST. What else can I say? I ran into you more in suit than out for sure. The only time I really saw you out was for the Dinner. XD You must have doubled my time clocked in suit for sure. You made me wanna go put mine on more for sure, cause you're a fun person to go hang around with for that kinda stuff. :D
Xoven, I found out that in addition to being a TINY BABY MAN, you are also a pretty cool guy. He is less a spaz irl than on sl and doesn't afraid of anything.

Freaky, Panzer/Dotrook: Loved seeing you guys again. For a while there I was wondering if I was gonna bump into you at all, then I got to hang out with you a good bit. I'm sad to hear neither of you will be making it next year. You've both been good friends to me for a long while now and getting to meet up with people you rarely get the opportunity to see is what this con is all about.

Jacobus, Torrle, Pandora, Win(f)ail/Guinness, Kona, I got to meet up with all of you at one point or another and all save for Kona it was for the first time. Most of it was pretty brief but I said I was gonna, and at least I can say I did now! It was nice talkin to you guys cause however brief it's nice to put a face to a name and hope to see you come again next year.

Korth, I hope that your first con that you got to poke your nose out of the dealer's den was well worth it, and I hope you found me a good roommate. XD Thanks for drawing in my sketchbook and being cool in general. We didn't go out as a group together a whole lot, but we certainly crossed paths a lot and you have the honor of being the first person I went fursuiting with. ;p

Jaitsu, what can I say? I consider you one of my best buds and I also hope that I helped make your con a rousing success. Here's hoping that the next will will continue to get EVEN BETTER for you! As long as we're both attending, you will have a guaranteed room for next year. :O Thanks for following me around and being my handler and stuff too, and hopefully I didn't prevent you from doing anything you wanted to do.

There were a ton of other people that I met along the way, I hope I didn't leave anyone that I spent a good deal of time with out. I made this journal about 2 hours after getting home after 10 hours of flying. XD

It was with a VERY heavy heart that I boarded the bus leaving to the Pittsburgh airport. PCD set in early for me. Time seemed different there. I feel very lucky to know such amazing people. Heck, it seemed like a whole other world and it'd be hard to put into words exactly how I feel when I got to be there and be a part of it.

I just know I wanna be there again. Hope to see you all at AC 2012.
Another Quarterly Foxcat Report!   
07:42am 15/06/2011
mood: sleepy
I haven't been updating this as much as I used to, but then again I don't feel the urge to as often either. Yet, It's a sense of duty to keep this journal going. X3
I'm on vacation, AC is just around the corner, so I expect to make another post about how that went.

I didn't get my big bonus this year for reasons I won't go into. Work was shit for a good long while but I think it's turning around now. I have a boss that is actually fairly easy to get along with. I'm a little annoyed that some controversial folk moved up the corporate ladder, but at least I rarely have to deal with them.
I'm feeling a lot less stressed lately, though there are still things I wish to improve. But for the most part everything is going well. Life has been fairly dull, even.
Pics of me in my new fursuit are here: https://www.dropbox.com/gallery/18095502/1/foxcatsuitpix?h=5a914b :D

Yeah, that's it for now. >_> I'll add more if I think of it.
The Quarterly Foxcat Report   
03:32pm 04/02/2011
  Okay, so I skipped a good few months this time around. I usually like to update my LJ once every month or so.

So, I finished up that horrible, horrible shutdown, and by that time it was close to christmas. I took my planned vacation plus some banked days from shutdown and had a sweet, sweet 30 day long vacation from work. It was fucking awesome. I flew home for Christmas, much to my mother's content, and came back in time to hang out. Overall Christmas was great, though dealing with some folks here online became a bit of a stressful thing. I've stopped trying to rely on folks on here like I would someone I know in real life. Though I try to treat people with the same respect one would afford to someone you knew right in front of you, it gets tiring when that becomes a one-sided deal. People just don't view online friends as friends, more like.. friends you can turn on and off at your leisure instead of someone just like you at the other end.

Enough of that pseudo-drama though..

I've made plans to attend anthrocon again this year! Vacation, Flight, Hotel are all booked (King bed at the Westin, cause the doubles sold out in 10 minutes WTF!?). It looks like my roommates will be jaitsu and steviepanda. If you're planning to attend this year, gimme a shout! I had a blast last year and fully intend to meet up with as many people as I can to at least say hello. :3

Also, I need advice from anyone who has crossed the Canadian/US Border with a suit in tow, as if all goes well I will have a fursuit at the con this year. Please lemme know if you can offer advice! XD

I've got a new comp as well. Ordered an Aurora desktop from Alienware, and am pretty satisfied with it. I had a big scare from it when it started bluescreenign on me the other day, as I've only had it for two weeks. But, I got in contact with their tech support and narrowed it down to a problem with the ram configuration. So, they are sending me 3 2gb sticks to replace the 3 1gb sticks they had in there for free for a total of 12gb ram. Sweet deal! I was actually fairly impressed with dell's customer support, even if they weren't native english and I had to get them to repeat some stuff. :p

Hope everyone had a good christmas. I myself just got around to taking down my tree. Yeah, I'm a huge sap when it comes to my christmas tree and haaate taking it down, cause it makes me sad.
The October Foxcat report (aka work still sucks)   
01:33pm 01/11/2010
mood: stressed
I'm sure nobody wants to hear me continually rant, but honestly at this point I think my livejournal is less about expecting other people to read and keep up with stuff I'm doing and more a personal record, like a diary, that just happens to be available for other people to read. It is handy to point to when someone asks how I'm doing and I can't describe it in a few sentences or less.

Rant Rant RantCollapse )

Even if there are people who still read my journal, I'm pretty sure that was TL;DR, but I need to get it out of my system any way I can.

Now for the good news. All this overtime I've been working I've banked the days for and am trying to extend my booked Christmas vacation into early next year. If successful, I will not be working or have to see that place for roughly 30 days, an entire month. Boy, am I ever hoping that works out, because they won't let me book vacation for the rest of this year and they have a rule on banked days saying that they have to be used within 90 days or they default to paid out. I can deal with some of it gettin' paid out, but sure as hell I didn't bank em just to delay the money on my check...

Halloween was okay, I think next year, in addition to booking time off for Anthrocon, I'll book my second set of vacation in October. Christmas falls on my natural days off next year so I won't have to book for then.

To all the people who have put up with me or offered support the past few months, thanks. I'll try to keep hanging in there. I should be almost through it now.
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The August Foxcat Report (aka work sucks)   
01:56pm 02/09/2010
  After AC, things kind of went downhill.

Mainly due to work. As a lot of people already know, there was a major incident at work involving a large vessel that handles reflux, containing a mixture of ammonia and hydrogen sulphide(if you dunno what H2S is, look it up. pretty nasty stuff). The vessel ruptured due to a metallurgy fault that went unnoticed and eventually weakened the structure of the vessel. Luckily, nobody died or was terribly injured when this happened. It was in an area that I'm qualified on so I had to be one of the ones trying to contain it. It took about a week of showering to get the smell off my body completely, and some clothes got thrown out. This happened my first set of work back from Anthrocon. This pretty much set the tone of the next two months.

This unit went on an immediate emergency shutdown which somehow I wasn't forced to work overtime for. It was back up and running within two weeks, surprisingly, but it was in no way finished being a bitch. Equipment all over the unit decided to fail and needed replacing. I won't bother with each and every detail but as of the last set of 6 I worked the unit was down again, needing crews cleaning up some fouled up heat exchangers and it was a big big rush with management breathing down our(my) neck to get this thing up and running asap because if not it would start impacting production hard. It's back up(I think), but there was another semi-planned outage to take care of more critical pieces of equipment which I hope was handled completely during my days off.

I questioned my continuing employment a lot the past two months.

Anyway, now we're entering a planned Shutdown for several areas, and the entire roster is working on modified schedule from Sept 3rd to Oct 11th. This means everyone is forced to work overtime, and guess where I got stuck taking care of for this? That freaking same unit that was having all these issues. Hurray. It should be lovely. Oh well. I'm just hoping that since it's been through so much emergency maitenance that it will actually be able to hold out a month with nothing bad happening to it. It's a fairly faint hope, however. My tentative work schedule is 9 on, 3 off, followed up by two sets of 10 and 2. I've decided long ago that I would be banking most of those overtime days (at least 6 of 10) to take another long vacation once this is done and over with.

Things aren't all bad. The days off in between the BS were nice. A few days ago I was in Edmonton on a roadtrip with Minimike before he fled off to Vancouver for school again. Mainly hung around the West Edmonton Mall and stuff. Getting in there the first night was a bit of a pain though, we called or visited about 8 hotels before we found one with vacancy. Apparently there was a double whammy of a CFL game and a major concert in town that Saturday. Lucky us. :v

Also, I went ahead and ordered a suit from www.donthugcacti.com
Needless to say, I'm really looking forward to seeing that eventually.

Let's see how well I survive September, anyway. The last modified schedule shutdown I was a part of I didn't handle so well. I think I'm better prepared this time, however. It's even occurring on schedule as opposed to having to take place early.
The July Foxcat Report (Special Edition!)   
01:19am 08/07/2010
  So yeah. It was a while in coming but now on with a very special foxcat report!

I went camping and had lots of fun! First day was spent doing a lot of travel. drove with minimike to Edmonton, got a hotel room late in the night, woke up before the sun was even up to catch a flight to Vancouver. We stayed at Shadowkeeper's overnight as everyone came together: Pyxaron, Sprout, Tybalt who was there before us. Morca and Firegryph would be meeting up with us later, Morca on the ferry and Firegryph at the campsite itself since he's from Vancouver island. Some plans got fuxed but we resolved it by renting a truck, which turned out to be a really good move.

Camping was awesome! We went cave exploring. whee for small, tight spaces and utter darkness only broken by flashlight beams, and the threat of being lost if your flashlight ever died on you! (they make you take two sources of light per person just in case, and nobody is allowed in alone though it's not exactly like there's someone watching to make sure at all times..)
The day after was a trip to Raptors, an avian sanctuary. Was not something I expected to do on a camping trip but was pretty neat all the same. Got to see some rare and interesting birds, and there was even an owl that loved to be pet! Got some neat pictures out of both this and the caves XD

Didn't get to do as much swimming as I would have liked to, despite camping at Rathtrevor "Beach". The beach was just too 'alive' with tiny (albeit harmless) crabs and shelled sea life to feel comfortable stepping out into the waters. The worst part of the camping trip though was sleeping. Next time I go camping I'm making sure I have a bigass air mattress instead of the tiny thin loaners I had. :p also, making sure I have a pillow would be nice. Back and neck were kinda sore and I think it made me prematurely tired a lot. I was always first one in bed. I didn't get much quality sleep that week at all.

after that it was a flight back home, a day to recuperate and repack, then off to Anthrocon!

Anthrocon was amazing! I met so many people! A lot of them were names that I was getting to put a face to for the first time, or meet up with in actuality and see the face in front of me, but also met a slew of people I either only heard about, knew about casually or didn't know at all. Some of the events were lame but overall getting to hang with folks and also see some of the amazing fursuits made the entire thing a very worthwhile endeavour. Even customs, while annoying, wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be.

naturally, tons of pictures abound. The names are way too many to mention.. but some of them, including the guys I spent the most time with. Kona, Jaitsu, Jinsei and Nightstar(along with the cool folks they were hangin with), Ante, Furlop, Frosty, Freaky and Panzer, Jym, Jizzal and company, Half the folks form the camping trip.. The list goes on. XD

I liked AC so much that I plan to attend next year, and hopefully with my own fursuit. I've always mused over the idea but figured it'd be a waste of money and fairly odd since I live in a town full of ignorant hicks. But actually going Anthrocon and having a ton of friends with suits or getting them kinda changed my opinion of that, it definitely looked like fun. The reactions you get are varied by signifigantly positive, especially among Pittsburgh and the convention. I've commissioned one that should be due around April next year, and it should be awesome. X3

while hosting all the pics I took somewhere would be a pain in the ass.. here's a vid I uploaded to youtube of many of the suits in the parade. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xxa9SR3g9h8 Also features the legendary Keytar! Theres a few vids of that thing floating around. ;3

Dance! DANCE! YES!
This now concludes the special July edition of the foxcat report.
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The May/June Foxcat Report!   
01:03pm 10/06/2010
mood: fuck yea.
Okay, so, nothing really happened in May that was interesting, so I gave that a skip.
June is here though, and stuff is happenin'!

Cut for bigness and pictures :V Read on!Collapse )

Expect a Foxcat Special update on BC and AC sometime late June or early July. :3

National Foxcat Day Approaches! What are you going to be doing this June 19th!? ((I'll be camping and hopefully spreading the word about national foxcat day with these dragons as I turn 29, but still!))
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The April Foxcat Report.   
06:43am 15/04/2010
mood: accomplished
March sucked.

There is no doubt about this. I'm writing off the entire month as a whole.

In addition to losing my last roommate and consequently not having any real friends available to hang around with, work was horrible, I had a psycho gung-holetsdoeverythingpossibleevenifit'snotbusy temp boss, ended up having to do some really hard messy jobs as things started fucking up. The snow briefly melted then it went back to well below freezing temperatures as winter's chill gave it's death throes. Just, a lot of other little things too that made my really have a hard time.

But Good News, everyone! The slime is fl... I mean..

April is coming out much better.

My regular, much nicer and less gung ho boss has returned and the naziboss has been banished to another team despite rumors that he may become permanent, a team who could REALLY use someone to crack the whip under their ass. Work has also not been quite as bad, and anything it's thrown I've managed to handle better. April threw at us the heaviest snowfall we've seen, with about 1 month or two of snow accumulating in a few days, causing major havoc with the roads but luckily I was off at the time(sadly it made me miss going to the gym) and could sit at home. Besides that, April is having wonderful warm weather.

I also found out I have lost over 15lbs in the past two months.

In other news, my passport has finally arrived! Earlier than I thought as well! That remove the major bottleneck between me and Anthrocon.

That leaves two more: Actually booking the flight, and getting accommodations.

So, uh, Anyone looking for reliable roommates for AC? Alternately, if there's any people I know well that's still looking for a room, while the two main hotels are booked it seems the others listed there still may have space, lemme know before I end up booking a single room for myself. :P

So much other stuff I have to do as well. File my taxes, fill out my retention plan forms for work and make sure it's passed in. Book a fucking dentist's appointment to quell some growing problems.. buh @_@;;

All in all though, still much more content than last month.
The February/March Foxcat Report   
04:13pm 06/03/2010
mood: mixed
So, yeah. Kyt has moved out as of a few days ago. The apartment is so quiet and empty. I gave it a good spring cleaning and I think it's cleaner that it's ever been because I washed walls and nooks and crannies and everything this time. I know it's going to stay that was cause there's nobody around to mess it up. Still, I miss having Kyt here as a friend to do things with.

I been keeping up with my gym outings, as well. While I don't look it, a few pairs of pants are now falling off, only barely supported by my waist so I guess that means there's some progress to be had. My weight hasn't changed much but it is trending down it seems, so I'mma keep sticking to it and hope for a much sexier body for the summer. XD

Speaking of this summer. I almost have everything I need put together to apply for my passport. Just need to get a guarantor(my aunt) to sign it this week, and list two references that I've picked out and I can send it off, hopefully getting it back soon after and making plans to attend AC in June. I already have the time off requested.

I also have now paid off my student loan entirely. It was around 30k three years ago and in that time I have completely decimated it. I paid the final $8700 of it off in one phone call! That's 350 less that will be coming out of my bank account every month, so I'll build that money back up even faster, and of course I made sure to keep a healthy cushion for a rainy day. Should look into RRSPs and crap.. Next up, paying off my Ford Fusion just as quickly! That'll be assisted immensely when I get my first retention bonus of between 6-10k in April and just plunk it straight down, lowering the interest from each payment likely around halfish. XD I could probably pay it off completely right now but, that would leave me with next to no savings for a bit. So, I'll bid my time and celebrate my recent victory over a debt that many spend a lifetime paying back. (next to mortgages >_>)

I doubt very many people read this anymore, as people seem to favor other avenues and sites for their blogging and journal needs, but I simply can't do that. I've actually accumulated a long story of my life here and I figure I may as well keep adding to it here (Seriously.. First entry dated 06:48pm 19/08/2003!!). I digress though, the point is for anyone that actually does read this.. If I DO make it to AC, I may need help finding a room and knowing where to go and such as I have never been across the border and will likely be a very confused and disoriented foxcat. More on this later, though!
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The January Foxcat Report   
02:06pm 25/01/2010
mood: mixed
Plenty of stuff happened this month so far..

First and Foremost.. Sadly Kyt had some financial drama happen at work. The result? He was forced to resign and is now gonna be moving out and going to Ottawa to look for work or go back to school. This means that I'm gonna have no roommates come the end of February. :| I also feel like I'm losing someone who has become my best friend over a short time. Mike now lives and schools up in Vancouver where most of the other cool furries I know in real life live and my hometown friends and relatives all have families n stuff so hanging out with them can be awkward these days.. I have a feeling I'm going to be getting lonely from time to time.

I didn't really have furry friends before moving up here (Save for a brief friendship with Reweth back in my university days which, surprise surprise, he lives in Vancouver these days), but even so I've come to greatly appreciate the distinct advantage of having them as opposed to nonfurries. You don't have to hide an entire aspect of your life from them, they already know you portray yourself as a blue furred hybrid online and have several kinks that you often associate with it and even if it rarely comes up you can be comfortable knowing the fact that they are cool with it. You don't have to hide it, nor they from you. There is a flipside to that but it's besides the point. :P

Secondly, I just dropped my brother off at the Airport. He's left too. He's kinda failed to find a job and is gonna go back and reassess his plans as well.. get some extra schooling cause I think he wants to apply for the came job/certification I have as a power engineer, but he's apparently missing a physics course to be able to qualify. So at least for the month Kyt has left here we don't have the fixture in the living room. :P Not that my brother was bad or anything. If he had found a job things might have worked out well and he could have stayed here. But as it was he was just kinda sitting on my TV played Modern Warfare 2 most hours of the day.

Third.. I made a New years resolution to get in better shape. It's been YEARS since I've last worked out, definitely the entire time I've been up here in Fort Mac. I've got a bit more doughy than I like and my waistline has been a size or two higher than I would like. :P So, January 2nd I signed up at the gym and have been going on my days off. So far so good, I've been sticking to it and feeling and seeing some benefits from it in terms of energy and heartrate while working out if not in size or waistline yet. I should keep track of my weight to see if I'm losing but I think that's a poor indicator.. going to the Gym can pack on muscles which is denser, heavier than fat.. so you can actually GAIN weight from working out. Granted, I favor roughly 30-50 minutes or cardio to 20-40 minutes of weight lifting so I imagine that will work to slim me down and firm me up, which is my aim. I don't really care about bulking up. I've also picked up grapefruit as a snack I take to work instead of chocolate bars. I take two of those and my usual two vitamin water (I've rarely drank pop for YEARS now, always fruit juice, milk or somesuch) cause I love those things. Also at home I sometimes have one, and have grapefruit juice. X3
Welcome to 2010~!   
12:55pm 02/01/2010
mood: Marf~
Yeah, the holidays are officially winding down now. Decorations will be coming down in due time. Well, in my case I refuse to take down mine till late January, but that's partly cause of my schedule and partly cause I'm crazy. >_>

Happy New Year everyone! Hope everyone had a good holiday.
Homeward Bound: The Foxcat Journey   
04:12am 18/12/2009
  So I went home recently for the first time in three years. Here is a recount of the 8 day journey:

The Flight there/Day 1: December 8th. Was nearly late for my flight but managed to rush through security and hop on at 1pm. Stopped off at Toronto for several hours in between flights and paid for wifi access on my laptop so I could go talk with folks to pass the time. The plan worked perfectly! The last flight I took wasn't as crowded but some drunk douche sat behind me, which was kind of annoying. Got in at 2:00am Newfoundland time and had another two hour drive home with ym mother and my brother's girlfriend. Mom told me that my uncle from Toronto would also be in town! Went to sleep around 8:00am. Woke up later on to do some shopping. Went to the grocery store that I used to work at to say hi to my old manager. Apparently he had moved up in the world and became assistant store manager. X3 Also learned how much the stores back home suck ass, even if where I live now isn't much bigger.

Day 2: I can't remember much in particular about this day. I don't think anything special happened. I made mom some lemon pepper salmon that I've taken to eating a lot of! Made some plans to visit various people while I was home. My aunt stopped down, we told her that we planned to visit. They were going to pick up my uncle at the airport later that night. My uncle was going to be staying at my deceased grandparents house, since he inherited it. Ahh, I also decorated my mother's home for Christmas, single-handedly assembling and decorating the tree. MY dad is an idiot and stores all the Christmas stuff in a dirty, dusty moist crawlspace in the basement, which has dirt in it, so I ended up throwing out a lot of older ornaments that had become tarnished or damaged.

Day 3: Went out with mom to do some shopping again. About as much stuff as last time. Decided what I wanted to get mom for Christmas at least since she couldn't make up her own mind, but would have to come back later to pick it up. XD Got invited to dinner the next day to my aunts. Stayed up late again to work on Christmas cards I was planning to send out to friends.

Day 4: Went to my aunt's for dinner. In attendance, Two sets of aunts and uncles(including my uncle from TO's girlfriend), some close family friends of my aunts, me and mom. It was like a turkey dinner just with chicken in place of turkey. Oh, and also some roasted moose which was really tasty. For dessert, cottage pudding with custard sauce. :3~ A specialty of hers. After that we went home for a while and eventually went to visit my best friend's mom, Gerry, like I had planned. I swear, she goes ALL OUT for Christmas. Stepping into her place was like stepping into Santa's house itself. Everything was aglow with Christmas colors or soft candlelight, everything was decorated or replaced with decorations including pictures and wall hangings. We end up having an impromptu second dinner there much the same as the first. Gerry asks me if I'd have room to take back some treats her me and her son's family. I say I'm a little tight on space so she loans me a bigger suitcase. XD

Day 5: Uhh.. stuff! Oh, right, I think I went down and picked up my mother's gifts. Stayed up late(again) and watched movies, hangin out with the dogs.

Day 6: Got invited to dinner by my uncle and his girlfriend at my grandfather's place. It was nice to see it again since I hadn't been inside of it for years. It was in good condition and they had Christmas decorations up. Definitely very nostalgic. :3 My uncle's girlfriend cooked pineapple chicken legs with stickyrice and vegetables. Was good. n.n I like sticky rice~ Came home and watched "Up!" with mom cause I picked it up with her gifts. She hadn't seen it before.

Day 7/Return Home: Slept very late, didn't sleep well cause the dogs were lonely and demanded to sleep with me, taking up valuable real estate on a small bed. Mailed out Christmas cards when I got up and saw Gerry at the post office. She was gonna drop off some stuff for me to take back home after. I quickly find out that everyone has a lot more than I expected to take back. both sets of aunts and uncles has huge wrapped gifts, plus the one uncle had some moose steaks for me to take back, my mom had like eight, Gerry dropped off two big containers full of cookies. everything BARELY fit inside.. if I didn't have that loaner suitcase there was no way everything was gonna go, perhaps not even half of it. I told mom that those giftwrapped pieces of clothing were gonna get torn by people handling the cargo(and sure enough most did), but what was done was done. Mom took a nap while I stayed up, afraid of both of us sleeping in, plus she was doing the driving anyways. Headed out at about 3am on the 16th to catch my 6am flight, the drive there took about an hour and a half. Surprisingly mom managed to keep a dry face when saying goodbye to me, but quickly ran off to the bathroom..

Got back safe and sound, loaded to the gills with presents n shit. XD So here I am back home typing about it a few days later!
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07:32am 12/10/2009
  Been another long while with nothing much to really say.. But it's october now. :O My favorite month of the year. Halloween, thanksgiving, some vacation time booked, fall weather.. but whats this? SNOW!? ARRGGGHHH >.<

Yeah the temp has really plummeted here. We had snow as early as Oct 8th. Luckily it's just a smattering that gathered in corners and stuff but all the same it's disheartening to see cool go to cold so quickly. we had a few high 20C days in September.

My brother is now staying with Kyt and I in the spare bedroom we had. He has knocked up some girl I've never met back where I come from and his joblessness just won't cut it if hes to be a family man. It's took a month or two of mom asking and begging him to be let up for me to finally agree though, as most of my memories of my brother are not very fond and we're almost complete opposites: I've always been an honors student, he dropped out of highschool for two years. I've tried pot, he and his friends smoked it daily among other drugs. I've always been fairly well behaved save for a little unknown miscreant behavior with high school chums and, say, cartons of eggs or other throwable objects that I grew out of, He drove my mother and father(and me) nuts.. the list goes on.. Both he and mom swears he'll behave cause he can't afford to be a child anymore so we'll see how it works out. He is 21 by the way. So far it's not been bad and he's been helping out around the house a bit. If he keeps it up I might not kick him out but he needs to find a job and start paying his share soon. :P

PS: Go see zombieland. It fucking rocks.
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Moogle Gai Pan!   
05:37am 17/07/2009
mood: Marf!
So.. Moogle came and went, and I didn't actually stop to write about his visit. So, here I am now doing it. It prolly would have got overlooked even more than usual with all the Anthrocon posts from others anyway. XD
I picked him up on my second last day before work, sadly. It didn't give me a whole lot of time to hang around with him, nor did it for Kyt as he too was still in the midst of work. This was planned for though, as I couldn't get July vacation this year if I killed my bosses mothers for it, and kyt only had a week of vacation to play with despite Tsumi coming up for 3 weeks.

So anyway, next day my other roommate comes home from Victoria and comes to my room saying something like "Oh, is that kyt's girlfriend out there with him on the couch?" Lawl. At this point I realize kyt's gayness has never been dealt with and here he comes in seeing some long haired twinky thing lazing across kyt's lap on the couch. I tell him it's a guy. He tells me I'm joking. This goes on for several exchanges until he goes back out and discreetly checks for himself. I have a good chuckle at him and as I go to say something he tells me to "Shut up, just shut up!" XD I tell Tsumi after hes left. Tsumi chuckles too, as it's not the first time, and probably not even the hundreth time thats happened.

Nothing of importance happens while I'm at work, so we'll switch to days off and the Edmonton Trip with me, Tsumi, Kyt and Minimike! It's so far the longest I've driven on the road, having never had a car to do my own roadtrips with before. Four and a half hours of straight driving broken up midway with a gas station stop. My shiny new car that up till this point had only accumulated dust was a bug graveyard and at one point it was getting hard to see out my windshield because of all the little smears the fuckers left. Highlight of the roadtrip is listening to Sweeney Todd songs and singing along with them. We arrive to the West Ed Mall and check in to the Fantasyland Hotel only to find their system is down (including reliable WIFI for the duration of our stay >:/ all 4 of us had brought laptops). This works in our favor though as they give us a keycard to someone else's room. We go back down to get another keycard and for the awkward mixup they throw in free waterpark passes for all of us ($25 each)! Score! :3

While we're there, another recent friend of mine, Keragon from Second Life, joined up with us for two days since he lives like 20 minutes outside Edmonton. He goes to see "Up" with us on the first day, as we arrived late on a Sunday and couldn't do much shopping. Up was awesome, and actually very emotional in parts. n.n We make up for the lack of shopping the next day, buying tons of stuff and then going to do the waterpark thing. We spend a good 3 hours in there, playing in the large indoor beach with the wave-making machine(Kyt's favorite) that actually makes some really huge waves when they let it, and of course waterslides(Kyt's definitely notfavorite X3). Finished up with a dip in the hottub and then kicked off to the Old Spaghetti Factory. If you're ever in the West Ed for whatever reason, go eat there. Awesome food, awesome service. As soon as we sat down they brought out freshly baked bread with garlic butter before the even took any orders. Needless to say that bread didn't last long with 5 ravenous guys.. but they brought out more! Every meal there comes with a delicious minestrone soup while you wait for it that even vegetable-hating moogles will eat! Four outta Five of us had the spicy spaghetti and I was impressed with it, and all this for a decent price lower than most sit-in resturaunts. :3 After all this we go back to the room and try out the Jaccuzzi that was sitting in the corner and order up Xmen:Origins on the flatscreen tv. May as well, we paid for this stuff! X3

Aside from Tsumi and Kyt breaking off to go do their own thing and me barking attem some hours later for forgetting to take their phone after trying to contact them for a few hours, the last day and trip out were fairly uneventful. Overall I spent like a thousand bucks onna roadtrip but got a lotta stuff from it. New watercolor pencils, two NIN hoodies, a Tool T-shirt, a pair of white Tripp pants, the entire series of the Anime "Noir", "Drawn together" season 3, and a buncha music CDs among other random stuff. Kyt got some new clothes(of course) and "Breaking Bad" season one among some other things which me him and moogle sat down and watched the entire thing of when we had the chance.

After that though, it was back to work for us, so moogle got to spend the afternoons alone till Kyt came home. I didn't get to see him much up until my first day off(yesterday) in which we bid him a fond farewell at the airport, with kyt whimpering at him.

Don't worry Kyt. That mooglefruit isn't ripe yet. We have to send it back to grow before we can pluck it from Australia. X3
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Happy National Foxcat Day!   
03:31am 19/06/2009
  Yes it's that most special time of the rolling year again: National Foxcat Day!
Make sure to shower all the foxcats you know with love and affection, especially blue colored ones!
Have you been doing your part to help improve National Foxcat Day awareness?
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Foxcat updating in 7 easy steps.   
12:45am 14/06/2009
mood: Marf~
A lotta noteworthy things have happened in the past month or two, but since I'm horrible at updating I'll just list em here as brief notes each.

1. Made it through the shutdown, made some overtime moneys and banked a few extra days off.

2. Kinda pissed at work though. They fired a well-liked and experienced coworker that got a lot of people considering leaving. The guy made a mistake but it was one any of us could have made and they've kept people on when they've done a lot worse.

3. Retention got paid out in mid-may. I made a lot of extra money that cheque.

4. Paid off 5k on my remaining student loan which was roughly 1/4 of it.

5. Also bought a new car! A 2008 ford fusion, black, fully loaded with cd player, bluetooth, usb port for ipod connectivity and the like, heated leather seats. It's nice. :P Was roughly 20k but I put 6k down on that. Ouch, bank account suffered a major dip but it's nice to have wheels(not to mention sleek, new wheels rather than an old clunker) all my own.

6. On vacation now! From June 10th all the way up to the 27th! Nothing planned for it. Though see 7..

7. "That Australian Moogle" Tsumi will be coming up to visit me and kyt for three weeks starting the 26th. Plans are that my next set off after Me, Kyt, Tsumi and Minimike will all be going up to Edmonton to spend some time at the West Edmonton Mall for a few days. Likely staying at the Fantasyland Hotel right in the Mall.

So yeah, that's all the noteworthy things I believe. If I missed something I'm sure I'll add it in later.
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It's offical..   
09:05am 03/04/2009
mood: tired, but happy
Got my mark back from ABSA after two freaking weeks of waiting (the last class waited 3 days..)
12 out of 20 people passed was the first thing I heard, which is a pretty low pass rate. Generally the marks are between 65 and 75 from what I can tell, even with a good pass rate, 65% being the minimum pass mark. That made me sweat a good bit.
I got a 74, Which means I as long as I pay my dues every three years I am from this point on a licensed 4th class power engineer. What a relief it was to see that mark. As far as I know I'm in the high scoring bracket. I hadn't felt that bad about an exam in a while. It was almost like walking into the exam for a different course.

I probably don't seem that excited, it's just that I got off nightshift and am worn down. X3 Shutdown has started early which means everyone works a modified shift with lots of mandatory overtime. I have 8 more 12 hour shifts to go before I get 2 days off again, and another 9 days on after that before I get 2 off. I'm basically working the entire month of april straight and only go back to regular shift in May. It will be brutal but I'm expecting a few $3000+ cheques from it, depending on how it falls and if I choose to bank some of those days as time off instead.

Can't wait to see that 4th class ticket come in the mail. Bedtimes I think, now. @_@
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Foxcats and friday the 13ths don't get along   
03:02pm 13/03/2009
mood: tired and a little creeped out
Well, it happened again. Last Friday the 13th I got inexplicably sick. This Friday the 13th something else was thrown at me.
I was on my way to work when my car stalled in the middle of traffic. It's stalled before, this was just bad timing, I thought. I started it again, got a little further and it started to cut out again witht he oil light coming on. "Oh Fuck," I thought, cause running out of oil is NEVER a good sign, at least not if you like your car to not be a paperweight. I tried to call to tell them that I was going to be late for my training today but.. oh joy, the contact number is on a sheet of paper at home. I pulled an emergency stop as far as I felt I could get without the car. Unfortunately, that happens to be in the freaking fire lane in the back of a grocery store.. The car won't start anymore and I can't put it in neutral and push it myself. I'm fucked. Hazard lights on. So, I trudge through heavy snow to the nearest gas station, buy a quart of oil and trudge back.. I put it in, nothing. The engine is turning but wont click. I check the oil.. that quart actually put it a little past full. Awesome. I call my insurance company for a tow. After that, I remember when I slept in once I had called in to let em know I was gonna be late and checked my phone history for it. It was there so I told my current supervisor what happened. He offered to pick me up but lets just say through another wonderful bout of luck (aided by my cellphone dying) I ended up walking anyway. It wasn't too far from the gas station anyway.

So, anyway. At least I was where I was supposed to be. Though, also starting to notice like the same thing around this time last year, doing anything other than short periods of activity start giving me back pain. o.o Tow truck called mah work number after lunch to say they'd be down there shortly, 4 hours later. as I was getting ready to leave and walk back it hit me.. This is gonna make me sound really stupid, but I deserve it really: My father had been in town just two days before and had used the car. My fuel gauge is busted so I always have to rely on how much I drive and fill it up at regular intervals... so I can never tell how much gas is actually in the car. It took four hours for this idea to hit me. When I get back to the car I use a spare tank of gas I keep in the trunk but have to wait for the tow truck anyway, cause my cell is dead and so is my car battery now from needing to keep hazard lights on. He agrees to give me a boost and see if that was the problem. Sure enough, car starts. Thanks for burning a lotta gas and making me look like an idiot dad, wherever you went to with it! Technically, it was still stupid of me to not realize it sooner, could have saved me a LOT of hassle.

So yeah.. It didn't even strike me it was that accursed day until I got back home and logged into Sl, two group notices informing me it's Friday the 13th and that they're having special events cause it it. What a fucking coincidence. It I get anymore bad shit happening to me on the next Friday the 13th, it's going beyond coincidence and straight into the fucking twilight zone.

On a more positive note. My studies are nearing an end. I got an 85% on my classroom exam, and only have the government exam left to go before I'm a certified power engineer.
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Being Open-Minded   
05:31pm 17/02/2009
mood: geeky
Morca had an interesting post in his LJ about being Open-minded, which spurned what I would figure to be some well thought out responses, including my own. Though mostly within the context of love, I decided to go one step further in my answer.. I thought it would be good fodder for my own Journal here.

The original post: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/629228/

My Response:
It's no big secret that our views of what is acceptable and what is not is traditionally shaped by our society. I, for one, DO consider myself to be open minded but there are limits to what I will and won't accept, otherwise, open-mindedness would merely be a slippery slope. Society's laws deem such things as pedophilia as illegal and just downright sick and I look at their reasoning and think it's justified. Children just aren't mature enough, physically and especially mentally, to enter into that kind of a relationship with someone. Also, for those who claim to be in love with someone underage.. is it really them that they are in love with or just their youth? When they grow old will they be dumped for another loli or lolita? I think that's a pretty heavy and relevant question. Incest isn't technically illegal(at least anywhere I know) but there are reasons to justify against that as well, depending on the exact relation. Cousins and siblings, though a little on the weird side, I am personally not bothered by. Any combination of parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, etc. to offspring though, regardless of age, totally changes it. And in the case of a heterosexual relationship there are genetic reasons not to go that way, ie: childbirth. Stagnating genes leads to retardation and deformities and all that.

Largely, I judge people based on how they act rather than just the interests they might profess to be a part of. For instance.. I have my kinks, and there are people within those kinks that really freak me out. Meanwhile there are people that are a part of things that don't interest me even slightly and I'm quite cool with them. There's always people who will take things one(or more!) step too far, or feel the need to parade their ideals around and demand acceptance rather than learn the better side of discretion. Kind of that whole 'what happens behind closed doors' argument. It is truly these people that I am intolerant of, and for what I believe is good reason.

I figure that's how it is with most intelligent people. They aren't just trained to be completely accepting of everything, nor to blindly follow what others have deemed unacceptable, but to make their own decisions based upon society's standards versus their own personal experiences and opinions, and that is what I believe to be a big part and parcel of what open-mindedness really is.

Tl;dr: Open-mindedness is not just acceptance.

There, I think I said my peace on the subject.

Would love to hear some opinions.
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